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Massage Therapy
focusing on women's health and well being
All women deserve that feeling of being respected and supported in their choices not only in birth, but all aspects of life. Amazing things can happen when we care, love, nurture and support each other.
⏤ Michelle Griffin
About Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn has been practicing since early 2014 after completing her studies at the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy. After dedicating 8 years of her practice to serve the North Shore, she has returned to Vernon to be closer to family as her and her husband start their own. She supports a holistic approach to health and wellness, and exercises a variety of therapeutic techniques; from Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Visceral and Neuromuscular Therapy, to Prenatal, Postpartum and Infant Massage.

Women's Health is her greatest passion, therefore her independent practice will focus on devoting more time for new and expecting mothers. Her hope is to support each woman's wellbeing along their journey into and through motherhood; facilitating a safe and comfortable space to empower and equip each woman to actively realize their health and wellness goals.
Kaitlyn’s Designations
Women's Health
Massage Therapy
For any and all women seeking to actively better their health and wellness. Be it fertility, childbearing, postpartum rehab, breastfeeding or menopause.

Specifc massage treatments may include: Therapeutic Breast Massage, Basic Manual Lymph Drainage, Post Cesarean Scar Treatment and Visceral Pelvic Therapy.
Prenatal and
Postpartum Care
In the childbearing years women experience tremendous changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Massage Therapy can be a vital component of a mother's self-care routine. Some benefits include the relief of muscular tension, joint ache and ligament discomfort associated with pregnancy and childrearing. It encourages relaxation, digestion and improves sleep. After a cesarean section Massage Therapy can promote tissue health and repair by increasing local circulation, decreasing discomfort and release fascial restrictions around the abdomen and pelvis due to scar tissue.
Pregnancy Massage
A prenatal massage addresses orthopedic concerns specifically related to the aches and pains associated with the changes that may result during pregnancy.

Specially designed maternity body cushions allow the option for each mom-to-be treated safely and comfortably sidelying, seated, semi-reclined and even face down all through her pregnancy.

Therepeutic Breast Massage
Therapeutic Breast Massage can help relieve breast tenderness and pain, breast congestion, clogged ducts and even support lactation. Moreover, therapeutic breast massage decreases pain and limitations that may occur post surgically from augmentations, mastectomies, and breast reconstruction by promoting lymphatic drainage and circulation.

Clear communication and understanding is a key component during each treatment. Techniques can be modified to achieve benefits in a variety of ways; respecting your boundaries and comfort level with the utmost care. As trained professionals, we are eager to share this knowledge with some who may not know, yet would gain remarkable benefits from this treatment.
Infant Massage
Infant Massage encourages a bond between babe and primary caregivers. It promotes communication by better understanding a child's cues , establishes relaxing routines, aids in digestion, growth and development, and also improves a baby's sleep. Ideally for infants 0-8 months, or before they begin to crawl.
Private Infant Massage
The session is structured as a hands-on mini workshop where the RMT will work with parents to equip them with the skills to create a safe and rewarding massage routine to take home!

An infant massage handout and a small sample of baby safe massage oil will be provided.
Coming Soon!
Infant Massage
Group Classes
Welcoming primary caregivers and their little ones to join in a hands on mini workshop where we will learn the basics of baby massage:

  • When is a good time
  • Infant massage benefits
  • Principles of massage (the essentials)
  • Lots of fun techniques your baby will love!

The class' purpose is to equip you with a full body infant massage routine to take home and practice. A light snack and refreshments will be served at the end of class. Baby safe oil and a handout will be provided. Approx 90min, 10 spots per class.

Please keep an eye on this page, or email klutsenko.rmt@gmail.com for updates!
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